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‘You Are Parked Across Our Drive – We Are Happy For You To Park Anywhere’ (And Here’s A Sandwich)

Over the last 12 months, we have lost count of the number of nasty messages and belligerent notes which have been left on emergency vehicles, written by people moaning and complaining about where they have been parked.  Anyone with an ounce of decency and with a spark of common sense knows that, when it comes to saving lives, then emergency

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‘When You See An Ambulance On Blue Lights You Assume They Are Going To An Emergency’ | Paramedic

This piece, written by a paramedic, gives an insight into one of the biggest challenges facing the emergency services at the moment; people blatantly wasting their time.  The ‘blog’ was not sent into us by the Paramedic who wrote it.  It was instead sent into us by a colleague who read it and who believed that the general public should

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Paramedics Find A Live Chicken In The Boot Of Crashed Vehicle

I remember finding all sorts of weird things in vehicles which had been involved in accidents during my time on a response team in the Met Police.  But I don’t ever remember finding live animals in the boots of vehicles which had been crashed by their drunk drivers.  But that is precisely what this paramedic and his oppos found over

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Kind Members Of The Public Buy: 11 Pizzas, 24 Tins Of Sweets & 8 Bags Of Cookies For Hungry Cops

There are random acts and kindness, and then there are random acts of HUGE kindness.  Thames Valley Police (Bracknell & Wokingham) felt the full gratitude of their local community who had started a JustGiving page to raise funds for their local community policing team.  Local resident Katie Ruth set the JustGiving page up and said: “I wanted to start a

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Can We Help An Emergency Medical Technician To Get A Place On A Trip Of A Lifetime? Of Course We Can!

While checking the inbox this morning, we found the following message regarding a paramedic who has entered a competition for a Polar trip of a lifetime: “Hi please could you post the below on your page?  “Natalie works on ambulances and spends every day helping others.  “She and her husband Jamie, are passionate about promoting mental health and well-being in

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