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‘While At Work On The Big Yellow Taxi Of Convenience, We’ve All Heard The Following Patient Statements’

We found the following DM from an oppo in our inbox. He/she asked us to share his/her thoughts with you all so that you can share some wisdom/advice: ‘While at work on the big yellow taxi of convenience, we’ve all heard the following patient statements. But would the followings responses from crews be deemed acceptable? Or do I need to

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Can Toothache Block Your Airway? Asking For A Mate…

One of our intrepid followers contacted us anonymously with a screenshot of an ’emergency’ call that was sent to them by their control room. The call seemed to suggest that the patient requested a blue-light response from the emergency ambulance service because a toothache was preventing them from breathing. Now, other than some emergency life-saving support training, I have no

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Emergency Ambulance Sent To Woman Who ‘Cannot Stop Eating’ & Who ‘Needs To Go To Hospital’

If you do not work in the ambulance service, yet you sometimes wonder why you hear reports of emergency ambulance crews being sent to calls which appear to be a complete waste of emergency ambulance resources, then this is a prime example of one such call. The source who sent this image into us said: ‘When people say “I couldn’t

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Child Calls 999 To Find Out How To Become A Paramedic

A child has called 999 because they wanted to find out more about how to become a paramedic. Clearly inspired by the fantastic and life-saving work of the ambulance service, the child knew that, by calling 999, then he/she would get through to the emergency services. However, unbeknown to the young child, 999 is for emergencies rather than careers advice!

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Police, Ambulance & Fire Service In Lincoln To ALL Be Based At The Same Station

For the first time, police, ambulance & fire service personnel are ALL going to be based out of the same ‘tri-service’ station. A brand new £20 million station on South Park, Lincolnshire, is now home to 45 firefighters and 72 ambulance staff. Colleagues from Lincolnshire Police will move into the all-singing-all-dancing station this autumn – just in time to start

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How To Remove A ‘Zoll’ Defib From An Ambulance (Sort Of)

We received the following message today (via our Facebook page) from an oppo in green. It said: After a considerable struggle for several colleagues, clinical mentors and team leaders in getting a Zoll off of a vehicle, instructions have been issued… “The operation to decant the device is simple but different. “It is a change from anything previously seen. “The

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