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Officers Receive Thank You Letter For ‘Bravely keeping Residents Safe’

On Monday 19th, August, Essex-based police officer PC Paul Walker attended his shift at Loughton Police Station and was pleasantly surprised to find a heart-warming thank you letter from a resident. The lady enclosed a £20 note to be donated to the ‘police fund’ as a ‘thank you to all the brave policemen and women who keep us safe in our

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Man In Fake Police Car Pulls Over Van Full Of Cops

A man impersonating a police officer in a New York suburb made a massive mistake when he decided to pull over a van. According to the Associated Press, Valiery Portlock pulled over the unmarked police vehicle that was actually full of detectives The detectives immediately identified themselves to Portlock and when they approached his car, police said the 25-year-old swerved into

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Male Turns His Vehicle Into A ‘Police’ Car Using Only A Pen

We have all heard and seen the stories which surface on the internet about the individuals who buy blue lights off of eBay and fit them to their cars. Some people do it because they want to dart through rush-hour traffic without realising that the men and women who staff the speed camera enforcement office’s will still send a Notice

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Londoners Mock Street Dealers By Marking Out Their Own Parking Bays

Most street dealers are oblivious to the fact that they stand out like sore thumbs. It could be that they all drive around in brand-spanking-new hire cars, 3 or 4 up. Or that they like to park ‘their’ £50k motors in deprived areas, as ill-looking people come up to their windows. Or the reclined driving seat can sometimes give it

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Angry Resident Complains To Police About Apples Falling Onto The Highway

You would be forgiven for thinking that being a cop means continually getting involved in high-speed chases, running after burglars and driving around on blue lights in ‘Gucci’ cars (excluding Protons). The image of the police, often portrayed in documentaries which highlight some of the ‘top jobs’ police officers deal with, lends itself to the above way of thinking. But,

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Northumbria Police Go Viral After Creative ‘Copper-Cabana’ Campaign

If you understand the power of social media, then you will probably have some idea of the originality needed to get your message in front of hundreds of thousands of people. The ‘message’ you are trying to share could be about anything! From highlighting the bravery of emergency services personnel, to, as in this case, asking for the publics help

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