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How The Heck, Does Someone Who Fractured A Police Officers Skull Get A Suspended Sentence!?

On Tuesday, we learnt about an incident where a BTP Officer sustained a fractured skull after trying to detain someone at Sheffield Railway Station. The incident happened on 7th July last year when a passenger who was escorting his pregnant partner to one of the platforms at the station, got into an argument with a member of the railway staff.

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There’s A ‘Good’ Reason As To Why Police Sick Leave Is Up 70 Per Cent…

You might have heard in the media recently, about police sick leave being up 70% in some forces. The fact that such a high percentage of frontline officers are taking time off of work due to sickness should come as absolutely no surprise. The reality of the situation is that the average workload of inner-city/suburban police officers has become unbearable.

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Three Police Cars Vandalised In Hackney And The Summer Hasn’t Even ‘Arrived’ Yet

Over the weekend, our oppos in east London endured a ridiculously busy shift on Sunday night, with THREE police cars being damaged, one person being stabbed as well as another GBH. All this, just on one Sunday night. Of course, we already know that the idiotic politicians who thought that cutting the budget of the police was a ‘good’ idea

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A Quick Message To The ‘Extinction Rebellion’ Protestors In Stratford Today

Firstly, I agree that Governments and corporations MUST start putting the health and welfare of the planet, and its billions of inhabitants, before their insatiable desire to amass as much money as possible. Money that cannot be taken with you when you shuffle off this mortal coil. However, I think that you should take a moment to consider how you

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