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Londoners Mock Street Dealers By Marking Out Their Own Parking Bays

Most street dealers are oblivious to the fact that they stand out like sore thumbs. It could be that they all drive around in brand-spanking-new hire cars, 3 or 4 up. Or that they like to park ‘their’ £50k motors in deprived areas, as ill-looking people come up to their windows. Or the reclined driving seat can sometimes give it

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The Emergency Services ‘Throw Bag Challenge’ Is Here!

There is a new craze that is sweeping the garages/forecourts/sheds of emergency services establishments up-and-down the country, and it involves a throw bag. Before we continue, we must point out (for the benefit of a couple of ‘news’ outlets which enjoy berating the emergency services) that this challenge is usually attempted BEFORE a shift starts (or after it ends). So

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WATCH: Police Have A Late Night Encounter With A Prehistoric Beast

Just when you think that you have pretty much seen it all, then along comes a video of police ‘chasing’ a dinosaur through some residential streets. Charles Cross Local Policing Team shared the video below via their twitter account. Officers close in on the prehistoric ‘animal’ as it runs down the street. Considering how old the beast must be, it

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WATCH: Firefighters ‘Rescue’ Cat From Tree Using High-Pressure Water Jet

If, like me, you are an animal lover, then do not worry, as this story has a happy (albeit soggy) ending. When a cat managed to ascend 80ft up a tree, onlookers became worried for its welfare and so asked the emergency services for their help. As no other major incidents were happening at the time, local Firefighters made their

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So You Don’t Agree With The Police Knocking Wrong’uns Off Mopeds? Really?

At 22:00 hours tonight, Channel 5 will be airing a documentary that covers the work of the Met’s Road Policing Unit (RPU) as they take on the criminals of London who prefer using two wheels as their primary means of getting around. The documentary is called: ‘Snatch & Grab; Moped Gangs On The Rampage’ (scroll down for a sneak preview)

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