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Aliens Have Landed! No Wait, Its Two Dutch Tourists

When Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service tweeted about a job that they had dealt with (based on the images which they shared), I thought that maybe the call involved ‘rescuing’ a couple of aliens from their escape pod. I have seen some reasonably odd-looking vehicles meandering around on the roads, but I don’t think that I have seen

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Police, Ambulance & Fire Service In Lincoln To ALL Be Based At The Same Station

For the first time, police, ambulance & fire service personnel are ALL going to be based out of the same ‘tri-service’ station. A brand new £20 million station on South Park, Lincolnshire, is now home to 45 firefighters and 72 ambulance staff. Colleagues from Lincolnshire Police will move into the all-singing-all-dancing station this autumn – just in time to start

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WATCH | Firefighter Nicks Doughnuts From Police Station

Doughnuts have a funny effect on members of the emergency services. They are a bit like the ‘coins’ you see in some video games where, once you have collected enough of them, you then become almost ‘superhuman’. But for one firefighter in Tasmania, the smell of some freshly baked doughnuts emanating from a police station was just too good to

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