WATCH: Firefighters ‘Rescue’ Cat From Tree Using High-Pressure Water Jet

If, like me, you are an animal lover, then do not worry, as this story has a happy (albeit soggy) ending.

When a cat managed to ascend 80ft up a tree, onlookers became worried for its welfare and so asked the emergency services for their help.

As no other major incidents were happening at the time, local Firefighters made their way to the location to render their assistance.

But upon arrival, the firefighters quickly realised that their ladder was not going to be high enough to reach the intrepid moggy.

And ascending the 100 ft tree was also not an option.

So it was decided instead, to aim a high-pressure firefighting hose at the cat, with the aim of ‘encouraging’ it to come down from its perch.

A firefighter trained his hose onto the cat and, hey presto, within a few seconds, the cat came tumbling down to the ground.

Cats have an uncanny ability to somehow endure high falls without being hurt; as is the case in the video.

Cats have relatively large surface areas in proportion to their weight, so fall at a slower rate over a great height than larger mammals.

Their bodies have evolved to allow them to survive falls from trees, their natural homes.

Given the time, they can twist and land on their feet.

But it would appear that there hadn’t been any thought given concerning what to do with the cat, once it had become ‘dislodged’ from the tree.

So when it hit the ground, by the time the bystanders made their way over to him/her, the cat had legged it up another tree!

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