‘Land Shark’ Shares The Details Of A Top Job Via Social Media

Did you know that some ‘land sharks’ (police dogs) are so highly trained, that they can create social media posts giving details of some of the jobs which they deal with?

The details below were ‘written’ by PD ‘Lars’ who is based with the Brevard County Sheriffs Office.

K-9 Lars was inspired to put paw-to-keyboard after one particular job, where his handler would not let him chew on the bad guy, despite finding him hiding in some bushes:


“So here I am last night on Patrol, minding my own business as my chauffeur Deputy John Hubinger drives me around the beautiful streets of Brevard County when all of a sudden Titusville PD gets in a car chase with a guy who appears to be intoxicated and driving his car erratically.

“As we hear it going down on the radio, John says to me “hey Lars you want to let’s go get into some action” to which I reply “not really, cause I know I will have to do all the work and you will just stand there like usual!!”

“Even with that, John starts heading that way to help out cause that’s what we do and then the guy eludes Titusville PD and heads to Cocoa. John finds him, and then he runs from us driving dangerously and with complete disregard for anyone’s safety, including mine.

“After he runs from us he heads back to Titusville where they put them “sticks” out in the road and son of a gun the guy still keeps going and gets away from John because he wouldn’t let me drive.

“After a couple of minutes, John finds the car stopped with no one in it and said to me “let’s go, boy, let’s track the driver!!”

“I looked at John like he has two heads and said “why don’t you call out “Junny” or one of those other weird-looking dogs with the big floppy ears cause that’s what they are for!!”

“At that point, John, who is all excited and amped up, gives me some kind of verbal command in German that apparently means “get out of the truck right now and track the suspect!!

“So I get out of the air-conditioned truck, and away we go with me running Mach II and John and the team from Titusville PD lagging behind.

“After a little over a mile through the woods and such I find the guy and say to John “can I bite him…can I…huh…John…can I bite him?”

“John tells me no because the guy immediately gave up when he saw me and then he had the audacity to throw me a piece of fire hose as a reward for finding the guy.

“I get a piece of a fire hose when the reality is that if John had done his job, I wouldn’t have had to do anything and could have stayed in the air conditioning all night!!

“Oh well, at least no one got hurt by this guy, Markhail Glendrell Bell who was driving erratically and went to jail for his actions!!

“Another successful case handled by the K-9 and of course the Deputy will get all the credit because he is the one who can type the report!!”

K-9 Lars

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