Darth Vader Reaches Pinnacle Of His Career After Completing The ‘Big Red Key’ Course

Darth Vader is renowned for his ability to be able to use ‘the force’ to bring his adversaries to their knees.

Just one ‘look’ from him is enough to make you wish that you had never crossed his dark path.

But Darth has always lacked one skill; the ability to be able to kick someones back door in, using the infamous ‘big red key’.

However, according to a post shared on the Middlesbrough Neighbourhood Policing Team’s Facebook page, Darth has now completed his ‘enforcer’ training, meaning that he can accompany the police on midnight raids.

We’ve all seen the videos of some doors not succumbing to the thrashing of the ‘big red key’ despite being repeatedly hit with the three-tonne device.

But now that Darth is on the team (and he has completed the relevant NCALT course), you can rest assured that when the cops come knocking at 3 am, getting through the door will no longer be a problem.

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