Police’s Message To The Public: ‘STOP FIGHTING’

Another weekend, means another bunch of people fighting and generally not being particularly friendly to each other.

Not only that, but this sort of buffoonery also means that more members of the emergency services family end up getting assaulted while they try to do their job of keeping other people safe.

But one local policing team has, quite simply, had enough.

They have had enough of halfwits thinking that the weekend means that you have to go out and drink more than your body can handle, before playing out every fight scene of ‘Fight Club’.

A post shared on the Reigate & Banstead Beat (Surrey Police) Facebook page said:


‘R&B officers along with officers from Mole Valley Beat (Surrey Police), Epsom and Ewell Beat (Surrey Police) & Tandridge Beat (Surrey Police) have all spent most of tonight and into the early hours of this morning dealing with jobs involving people fighting in the East of the county.

‘If they aren’t fighting each other, they are fighting with us because they can’t handle their drink and therefore behave like animals.

‘Numerous officers have been assaulted tonight just doing their jobs but thankfully none seriously.

‘Needless to say, we are all exhausted and would be most grateful if going forward people could drink less, stop tearing strips out of the each other, stop assaulting our officers and just generally be nicer to one another instead. 


Will the public service announcement stop people from acting like buffoons?

Probably not.

But it’s good to get these sort of things off of your chest, right?

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