Before You Are Tempted To Moan At The Sight Of Police Officers In McDonald’s, READ THIS!

We have all read and seen the stories churned out by some sections of the mainstream media when police officers are snapped by ‘professional bystanders’ DARING to drink a tea or coffee in McDonald’s (or other fast-food outlets/coffee shops).

We all get bored of hearing the same old rhetoric when individuals and organisations who do not understand the basic concepts of policing, start whinging and moaning that ‘their’ taxpayers money is being wasted on officers having a break.

Well, this straightforward story can now be shared wherever you see ‘professional bystanders’ posting on social media about how ‘bad’ it is that police officers are spotted having a break during a 12-16 hour shift.

Earlier on today, Coventry Police shared a tweet that said:

“A robbery suspect wearing a clown mask stormed a #Coventry McDonald’s this morning armed with a knife

“but was stopped in his tracks by two of our officers who’d nipped in for a cuppa!

“A 41-year-old man was Tasered and arrested. #RightTimeRightPlace”

And this is the whole point that those of us with a bit of common sense have been trying to make to the individuals who think that police officers should be hidden away during their rare breaks!

Even when on a break, a police officer is never ‘off duty’!

They are merely taking advantage of 5-minutes of ‘downtime’ which can very quickly turn into 5-minutes of crime-fighting.

So next time you see a police officer taking their break in public, be thankful that they are there; should anything untoward happen!

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