Northumbria Police Go Viral After Creative ‘Copper-Cabana’ Campaign

If you understand the power of social media, then you will probably have some idea of the originality needed to get your message in front of hundreds of thousands of people.

The ‘message’ you are trying to share could be about anything!

From highlighting the bravery of emergency services personnel, to, as in this case, asking for the publics help in trying to find wanted people.

The police have to put a lot of resources into looking for people who are wanted.

It takes a lot of time to research where a wanted person could be.

So if you can come up with a new campaign that gets widely shared by the public and, in being shared, leads to information that secures the arrest of the wanted person(s) then, hey presto, valuable resources can be deployed elsewhere.

It’s always worth putting this sort of police-related social media activity into context, as you can rest assured that there will be ‘professional bystanders’ out there – individuals who know nothing about how the police operate – who will criticise these sort of campaigns.

When Northumbria Police launched their ‘Coppercabana’ campaign, they did so with the following post:

‘Forget Barry Manilow and his Copacabana.

‘This summer it’s all about the Copper Cabana (geddit)

‘We’re hoping some of our most wanted will join us in the tropical paradise that is our custody suite for a summer getaway with a difference 👮

‘Stay tuned for our rogue’s gallery of who we’ll be inviting to  the hottest spot north of Havana (or Hartlepool) 

‘Don’t forget if you see them or know where they are, let us know’.

This post alone was ‘liked’ 6,000 times with nearly 1,000 shares.

And if you wanted to get that kind of reach on social media, you would typically have to invest a few hundred pounds on ‘boosted’ posts.

And don’t forget that you will have pages like ours, with nearly 300,000 followers, who will ‘feature’ and share the story.

Judging by other posts shared by Northumbria Police, then it would appear that their campaign has got some excellent results!

So if you think that the ‘CopperCabana’ campaign is a gimmick, then think again!

In reality, it is an ingenious use of social media to help bring wanted people to justice.

That’s why we say ‘bravo’ to Northumbria Police!

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