Ungrateful Family Invoices The Coastguard For Their Lilo, Despite Their Child Being RESCUED!

This story almost made us spit out our compulsory morning coffees when we heard about it.

Imagine being silly enough to send your kids out to sea – during an off-shore wind – on an inflatable lilo!?

Let’s try and picture the scene:

You get down the beach, and you can feel that the wind is blowing from the land behind you, out to the sea in front of you.

Common sense should indicate to you that putting anything that is filled with wind; in this case, the lilo, onto the water is going to mean that the object will follow the wind.

However, despite the apparent dangers, you load your kids on to the lilo anyway, and then you cannot figure out why they are rapidly floating out to sea?

The emergency services are called, and the Coastguard sends a helicopter to go and retrieve the child who was en-route to the vast expanse of the open sea.

Once on scene, the Coastguard lowers their diver to bring the kid back to safety.

But before being hoisted up, the diver bursts the lilo so that they do not get any further calls by eagle-eyed mariners who might see the lilo, but who probably won’t know that the child who was on the lilo has already been rescued.

Imagine how utterly c__kwomble-ish you must then be, to send a letter after the rescue requesting that the Coastguard compensates you for the cost of the lilo!

But that is precisely what one ungrateful family did after the Coastguard rescued their offspring.

A post shared on the RNLI – Porthleven & District Facebook page said:

‘I have just been told this account of a real incident encountered by 771 SAR.

‘A family visiting Porthleven purchased a lilo from a local shop and went to the beach.

‘There was an off-shore wind and the parents immediately experienced their child waving goodbye as the lilo went further and further out.

‘The Coastguard scrambled the SAR helicopter which was soon on the scene.

‘The diver jumped from the helicopter and saved the child.

‘He instantly put a knife through the lilo to save any further drifting, and they were both winched to safety.

‘Two weeks later, the CO of 771 received a request to pay an invoice for £7 the cost of the lilo.

‘The CO said wrote replying.

“I will be happy to pay your invoice on receipt of payment for the helicopter rescue £7,000”.

‘No response was received. 

‘Lesson – never use a lilo in open water only in swimming pools’.

If ever you needed to be reminded of the ungratefulness of some people, then just come back and read this article.

The audacity of the parents of this kid is beyond a joke.

People with that much buffoonery should stay away from the beach.

I worry about the sort of morals this poor kid must be being taught.

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  • People like that don’t deserve the services of our VOLUNTEER coastguard crews. Whoever sent that invoice should go to hell in a handcart. Nice move suggesting they pay for the rescue though.


    • Just a small point – 771 Squadron was a Royal Navy Search & Rescue squadron – not Coastguard

      • I heard it invthe 90’s I believe…

      • I flew with the RN Search and Rescue in the 1980’s and this story was related to me by Loz Coleman our diver/ winch man.Glad its still relivant.

  • the coastguard sould push foe payment,as people like that dont deserve volunteer services like the coastguard who do a good

  • I never experienced anything like this when at USCG Sta. Point Allerton, Hull, Ma from 1975-78. We were the busiest station in the !st District, Boston, averaging 1800 SAR cases per year

  • 771 was decommissioned in 2016. All SAR now done by HMG helicopters. This ‘story’ must be really old or just a ‘story’

    • Heard this story in the 1980’s when i was attached to RN Search and Rescue , from our diver Loz Coleman

  • Truly unbelievable, these CDU’s(Child Disposal Units ) should be banned from beaches, they are killers. As for trying to send a bill to HMCG ……. Good luck with that moron.

  • Why are some people allowed to breed? The parents should both be sterilised to stop them from producing any more kids.

  • They should be named and shamed there child was saved and they have the cheek to ask for payback.

  • This story is years old… I heard it sometime in the 90’s… I think it was true though!

  • Margaret Swassing

    similar to what occurred in Morro Bay, California, 35 years ago https://www.sanluisobispo.com/news/local/news-columns-blogs/photos-from-the-vault/article199446339.html

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