‘Whilst You Have Been Out At Work This Week, Doing The 9-5…’ | Medic Blog

This poem was sent into us by a follower:

‘Whilst you have been out at work this week, 

Doing the 9-5,

We’ve been working unsocial hours, Trying to keep people alive.

We’ve helped Doris up off the floor,

We’ve collared and boarded a chap who got hit by a car,

We’ve been to jobs all over west Yorkshire, 

No matter how near or far.

We’ve cleaned the house of a mental health patient,

Who hasn’t yet got the help he needs,

We’ve patched up cuts and scrapes and scratches,

We’ve applied pressure to serious bleeds.

It was us that did CPR on the chap in his garage,

Whilst trying to comfort his wife,

No matter how much manpower and medical intervention,

We can’t always save the life.

We give time and a listening ear,

When things aren’t always going right, 

We give our condolences and make sugary tea,

When your family member gave up their fight.

We refer you to alternative services,

When hospital isn’t right for you,

Sometimes medical intervention isn’t necessary,

But just someone to talk too.

So when we’re ‘off’ and don’t want to talk,

After that gruelling 10 hour day,

It’s not because we’re ignorant,

But we don’t always know what to say.

How do we tell our six-year-old children,

That somebody’s mother died on our arrival today,

How do we tell our partners, 

That that young lady’s husband has been cruelly ripped away?

How do we tell our mother,

That that child won’t survive the night,

As much as we want to and as much as we try,

We can’t always make it right.

We often think about the patients,

Who we have seen today,

We wonder if they’re on the mend now,

Or if their family are holding up ok.

So when you go home at the end of the day, 

Be sure to take a minute,

Be thankful for the life you live,

And everyone you have in it.

Appreciate the emergency services,

Who will be there on your worst ever day,

To help and support and protect you,

In the most special way.

For we are not your family, 

And we are not your friends,

But we are there at the important times of your life,

We when life begins, is at risk, or sadly ends’.

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