Can You Guess Which Service Has This Bizarre Notice In Their Staff Toilets?

One of our beautiful followers sent this image into us and, of course, they have asked that we keep their identity anonymous.

Having spent some time in the military as well as in the emergency services, few things surprise me anymore – especially when it comes to my former colleagues and their bizarre ‘habits’.

But I will admit that I was quite taken aback after learning that this sign has been put up in some toilets on an emergency services ‘establishment’.

During my time in uniform, I can’t ever remember feeling the urge to ‘crack one out’ at work.

The sign that has been left in some work toilets ‘somewhere’

Maybe it was the relentless flow of calls which would come in that would take any notion of wanting to ‘self-pleasure’ away.

But we have some oppos who need that hit of endorphins which are let loose into the bloodstream after you have given yourself some much-needed and entirely necessary pleasure.

And who can blame them?

The front line of the emergency services can be a stressful place, so any ‘relief’ will no doubt be very welcome.

I think – for me at least – the thought of getting the pink sword out in the toilets at work and then ‘cracking one out’ is enough to make me want to throw up.

Now look; I don’t want to embarrass the service involved, so have decided not to reveal the location of this sign (unless you are in our ‘Supporters’ Group – see below for details).

But I am going to be slightly amused reading your comments about where YOU think it is.

So let us know your best guess in the comments below.

And if you spot anything while you are ‘out-and-about’ then be sure to take a pic/vid and send it into us.

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