‘Our NHS Is Fantastic, And I Don’t Think That It Is Said Often Enough’ | Anon

This message was sent into us via our Facebook page. 

It has been written by a response team police officer and outlines what he/she has witnessed during several shifts which have seen the officer spending extended periods in a local A&E:

I am a serving police officer, and in my role, I frequently find myself at Accident and Emergency and have spent most of my last week there. 

This has given me a significant amount of time to observe how our NHS, especially the staff operate and I wanted to share this;

I watched a male enter the waiting area of A and E with a significant wound which was actively bleeding; I watched how the male was quickly triaged and then taken through to minors. 

The exceptional part of this was that a trail of blood had been created throughout A and E, rather than a cleaner coming out, the receptionist was immediately up and cleaning the floor. 

I have sat over an 8 hour period and listened to various tannoy announcements for all doctors to attend resus and watched how everyone dropped everything and the second they returned it became business as usual again, with no break, no pause.

I have watched how paramedics have supported people waiting to be seen, providing blankets and sandwiches. 

I’ve seen Ward Sisters amongst other staff keeping many weary policemen and women topped up with tea and coffee on night shifts while they were still overseeing a large ward.

Unfortunately, not everyone gets to see these small acts of kindness, every single person that I have ever come across in the NHS, from the cleaners to the nurses, the surgeons to the security all take great pride in what they do. 

Our NHS is fantastic, and I don’t think that it is said often enough, thank you for all that you do.

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