Morrisons’ ‘Cardboard Cop’ Has Hand Cut-Off By Vandals

Remaining on a static ‘patrol’ outside a branch of Morrisons in St James’s Street, the ‘policeman’ known as “PC Cardboard Cutout” is tasked with deterring would-be shoplifters.

But the perpetually smiling officer is missing a hand after vandals tried to rip the cardboard copper off the shop’s entrance.

It is not clear why anyone would want to interfere with the cardboard cutout.

Although there has been a rumour that citizens with a crush on the officer want to take him home to ‘wine and dine’ him.

Unfortunately for the cardboard PC, this is not the first time wrong ‘uns have targeted him.

In May of this year, the cop was given an eye-patch and black teeth and needed to be replaced.

The besotted fan also scribbled “I heart Phil” on his left arm and drew ear piercings on both his ears.

The cardboard cutout was one of many “cardboard cops” stationed in Morrisons’ stores across the country in a £20,000 plan to deter shoplifters.

Just how anyone thought that a cardboard cop would be enough to deter would-be thieves remains a complete mystery.

And many people will be hoping that Boris Johnson’s ‘vision’ of 20,000 “new” officers does not consist of 20,000 cardboard police cutouts.

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