Suspect Leads Police Into Epic Corn Maze ‘Game’ Of Hide And Seek

A male who was suspected of stalking a woman was arrested in Petaluma, California after he led cops on an epic ‘game’ of hide-and-seek in a maze! 

Ryan Kenneth Watt, 29, is accused of violating a restraining order, having stalked his former partner online, in person and using a GPS tracker planted on her car, according to ABC.

The Petaluma Police Department had been informed that Watt had violated his restraining order against his ex

She explained to officers that Watt had been sending her texts and calling her, demanding that she drop the charges against him.

Officers tried to arrest Watt at a homeless camp on Saturday 28 September

However, as soon as they arrived Watt legged it; running across a busy road and into the Petaluma Pumpkin Patch Amazing Corn Maze, 

The maze is one of the giant corn mazes in Northern California.

Lt. Ed Crosby of the Petaluma Police Department told The Press Democrat: 

“He runs from our officers across the freeway. 

“How he didn’t get hit, I don’t know.”

With the help of the California Highway Patrol (CHP), officers set up a perimeter around the vast maze and sent two three-person search teams into the area. 

Officer began to give up hope that they would find Watt as the police helicopter started to run out of fuel. 

Lt Crosby said:

“We had searched the corn maze itself pretty thoroughly and hadn’t found him,” Crosby said.

“At some point, you have to call it.”

As a police officer was leaving the maze, they spotted a chicken coop around 20ft from the labyrinth. 

Officers kicked the door down and found the suspect cowering in the corner. 

Speaking to The Mercury News, Crosby explained: 

“We worked our way methodically through it. 

“We covered the whole maze. We couldn’t find him. The aircraft didn’t see any movement.

“We were getting ready to close it down. Then one of our guys noticed the chicken coop.”

“We think he hunkered down in the maze and then ran out into the coop.”

Watt was arrested and booked into the Sonoma County Jail.

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