18-Hour Shifts At The Extinction Rebellion Protests And We Get Fed This Shite

As the Extinction Rebellion protests get underway in central London, officers from around the country can expect to spend little time with their loved ones over the next few weeks. 

Officers will be relying on their colleagues to keep their morale up as they spend 18-hour shifts running from encampment to encampment as the protestors try to outwit the authorities. 

Anyone who has ever spent any time away from home will tell you that food is also an essential part of keeping your morale up; especially when you are involved in prolonged and drawn out public order events. 

But officers involved in the protests in central London, will not be able to rely on hearty meals to keep their morale levels up during their 18-hour shifts.

The image in this article is of a ‘food bundle’ that has been given to officers lucky enough to receive such. 

Officers are being expected to sustain themselves on: 

  • a Mars Bar 
  • a “plain and simple” (i.e. cheap) ham sandwich 
  • one packet of crisps 
  • a Kit Kat Bar 
  • an apple (one of your five-a-day – don’t worry about the other four) 
  • some “deliciously nutritious” (marketing speak for ‘bland’ pretzels, 
  • and a “gourmet” (full of artificial shite that isn’t good for you) soft cookie. 

But when you consider that the average male will consume 2500 calories per day with the average female consuming 2000 calories, and then take into account the fact that the bland meals being handed out to officers to sustain them during their 18-hour shift probably contains around 1,000 calories, then you can expect that officers who are involved in policing the protests are probably going to be ‘burnt out’ 8 or 9 hours into their shifts. 

You would have thought (and hoped) that officers who are being forced to work on their much-needed rest days and who are going to be expected to work 18-hour shifts over the next two weeks would be fed better than this. 

And yet I bet some people will still wonder why so many officers are being signed off work due to stress/exhaustion. 

But what if you are a Vegan?

Well, you get one frigging apple.

Oh, and two bottles of calorie-filled water.

What the actual f__k.

What vegan officers can expect to keep them sustained during 18-hour shifts

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