Scottish Police Officers ‘Leave Their Mark’ On The Met

Within hours of 100 public order Police Scotland officers arriving in London to help with the Extinction Rebellion protests, they had already started to leave their mark on the capital.

It is rare for Scottish Police officers to have to travel all the way to London to help with public order ‘issues’.

During the G8 protests back in 2005, officers from the Met (and other forces up-and-down the country) made the north-bound epic journey to help their Scottish brothers and sisters on the thin blue line.

Back then (2005), I was a response team officer in the Met Police but, thankfully, I declined the invitation to do my Level 2 public order training so wasn’t involved in the ‘jolly’ up north.

However, I remember hearing about the hundreds of ‘I’ve Met The Met’ stickers which were left on Police Scotland vehicles.

the infamous ‘I’ve Met The Met’ stickers

Well now, it would seem that the Scots have outdone their Met colleagues (on the creativity front at least).

Stickers (water-soluble and easily removed…) have now started to appear on various police vehicles in central London which state:

“Police Scotland”

“Keeping London Safe”

“Lovely Jubbly”

It’s nice to see the Scots honouring the tradition of leaving the visiting forces mark on the vehicles of a host force.

Word on the thin blue line is that they will soon be heading back home, as the capitals supplies of Irn Bru have been depleted.

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