8 Days Of 16.5 Hour Shifts | The Extinction Rebellion Protests Has ‘Killed Already Overworked Officers’

Spare a thought for the police officers in London who have just come to the end of 8 days of 16.5-hour shifts.

Judging by the footage of commuters pulling ER protestors off of the roofs of London Underground trains this morning, then it would appear that its not only the police who are starting to get fed up of the protests.

Many people agree with the protestors about the need to look after the planet.

But, the same people who support the XR protests are now starting to wonder why stopping commuters from going about their daily business is a strategy that the organisers thought was a ‘good’ idea.

Although I retired from the Met several years ago, I still have family members who are in the force.

One, in particular, has not seen her three kids for the last eight days.

I am going to stick my neck out here and hazard a guess that public support for this latest round of XR protests is starting to dwindle.

I do not understand why they (the XR protesters) don’t aim their frustration at the counties and companies who are damaging the environment?

I mean, what have my relatives three kids (all aged under 10) done to deserve not seeing their mother for the last eight days?

Instead of their mum being at home with them, spending quality time together, she has been forced to stand and watch protestors do some seriously weird dancing in the streets…

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  • It should never be allowed in a city, where it disrupts all the people and businesses, also our police have enough to do with the dwindling numbers without having to deal with these thoughtless heathens. Most of whom live on the state or have money.

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