Cleaner Has A Fright After Finding Bagged-Up Air Ambulance Mannequins

Regardless of how many times you have worked with mannequins, they still seem to have an eerie look about them. 

Maybe it’s their facial expressions, or perhaps it is down to just how life-like they look. 

But imagine being in a building, on your own, late at night and you walk into a room where adult-sized mannequins are lined up next to each other; in bags! 

Kathleen receives her well-deserved ‘cake compensation’ with her new mate | Pic Credit: Great North Air Ambulance – Facebook

That’s precisely what Kathleen, a cleaner for the Great North Air Ambulance Service found while she was doing her rounds. 

In a post shared on the Great North Air Ambulance Facebook page, they announced:

“On Friday, we apologised to our cleaner, Kathleen, after our bagged up, training mannequins gave her a fright. 

The mannequins were lined up next to each other in an eerie way | pic credit: Great North Air Ambulance – Facebook

“Many of you were rightly concerned about Kath’s well-being. 

“Today we are happy to report that Kath and the mannequins have made up over cake”. 

Followers were quick to point out that poor Kathleen should keep the entire cake fine to herself and not share it with anyone else – including the mannequins! 

And we couldn’t agree more! 

The adult-sized mannequins are used by the Air Ambulance crews for training | Pic credit: Great North Air Ambulance – Facebook

Thanks to Graham Smith for spotting the post and sending it into us 🙂 

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