Police In Australia Investigate Reports Of A Fake Cop Tugging Driver’s And Taking Items Of Cutlery

Police in Oz are seeking information from the public after a report of a dodgy bloke impersonating a police officer in Adelaide at the weekend.

Startled motorists have alleged that the weirdo used red and blue flashing lights fitted to the dashboard of his maroon Toyota Camry sedan to pull over a campervan at Munno Para, in Adelaide’s north, at 1:30 am on Saturday.

The wannabe cop then approached the motorist on The Parkway and identified himself as an officer of the law, before taking some items from the vehicle.

Police said the motorist became suspicious of the man’s unusual activity when he was not given a receipt for the cutlery that was taken.

The eagle-eyed member of the public also noticed the suspect’s vehicle had dark tinted windows and was missing its front number plate.

There have been reports (in the ESH offices) that the fake cop is indeed an off-duty British bobby who has travelled to Australia to search for cutlery after supplies in police stations up-and-down the country have virtually dried up.

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