Next Generation Of Body-Cameras Have Live Streaming, ANPR, Live Maps & ‘Auto Alerts’

Bodycams have changed the face of policing. Thankfully, they weren’t in use when I served in the Met.

They have enabled people to get a glimpse into some of the many dangers which are faced by the brave men and women who serve on the thin blue line.

West Midlands Police recently shared the footage of an incident that led to one of their Road Policing Officers being seriously hurt while trying to detain car thieves.

Releasing the footage was a good call by WMP, as it enabled the public to get a look at just how dangerous the job can be.

But it would seem that the next generation of bodycams, or at least, bodycams which are made by Axon, will have shed loads of new features.

The Axon Body 3 | Pic credit: Axon

For example, officers will be able to live-stream on-going situations with the new Axon Body 3.

Unfortunately for (professional bystanders who have never served in uniform but who think they know about police tactics because they have watched every episode of ‘Police Interceptors’), the live footage of an incident won’t be live-streamed to social media.

Instead, it will be live-streamed to a control room.

The new Axon Body 3 also comes with live maps which will enable control rooms to get urgent assistance to officers while being able to pinpoint their exact location in a ‘real-time’ manner.

This feature alone could be a life-saving for officers.

They also come with ‘auto alert’ which means that if the bodycam detects, for example, a gunshot, then the device will automatically alert the control room with the officer having even to touch his/her personal radio.

If you are a cop based in the UK, then I wouldn’t hold your breath for one of this high-tech bodycams as some forces are only just getting the Axon Body 1.

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