Blue Light Staff Encouraged To Jump The Queue

When seconds can mean the difference between life and death, then every single second really does count when you are responding to 999 calls.

So when we heard about an eatery that encourages emergency services personnel to jump the queue, we were, of course, delighted.

Of course, when an emergency call comes over the radio, then you are going to give up on trying to get some much-needed food.

But if you haven’t eaten for 9 hours because you have been rushing from call-to-call, and then your only chance to get any food is lost because you have had to queue for it before yet another call comes in, then you are going to be running dangerously low on ‘human’ fuel.

Emergency services personnel need to stay fully fuelled and hydrated in order to be able to give 100% to each job.

So a gesture such as allowing emergency services personnel to jump the queue in order to get some refreshments before the next call comes out is very much welcomed by the emergency services family.

And that is precisely what ‘Oliver’s Tasty Bites’ in Penrith, Cumbria, have decided to do.

A sign in one of their restaurants states:

‘Emergency services, are you on duty?

‘Please come to the front of the queue

‘It’s important to us we serve you first.

‘thank you for your service’.

It would be great to see more outlets do a similar thing.

99.9% of decent-minded people will not mind seeing members of the emergency services jump the queue.

And for the 0.01% of people who WILL object to such a sight? Well, nobody cares what they think anyway!

Oliver’s Tasty Bites in Penrith, Cumbria, we salute you!

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