Fancy Some Overtime? But Don’t You DARE Take Time Off For Sickness. Otherwise We Will Have The Overtime Back | Anon

This message was sent into us by an oppo in green on the condition of anonymity. 

As ever, we are interested in your thoughts on this (both emergency services personnel and members of the public)

‘So ____ have no staff left, so they’ve periodically incentivised their overtime at rates of between £50-£250 (depending on which shifts you pick up). 

‘Now they have stipulated that if you got sick within that specified time then you will lose every penny of each incentive you have worked, which essentially handcuffs staff into coming in!

‘Putting their colleagues and patients at risk because they don’t want/can’t afford to lose an extra few hundred quid when you get paid f__k all.

‘And just another pressure they are putting onto their overworked remaining few staff which are left.’


  • That happens in Southwestern Ambulance Service Foundation Trust . I’m retired now so don’t care about anonymity. If you were a patient who is imunocompromised or elderly etc , should you want to be treated by a member of staff who has been bullied into coming to work with flu for fear of being penalized ? Could cost you your life . Sickness police rule.

  • Lynn Shuttlewood

    This is why they haven’t enough staff and need to ask them to do extra shifts. If they paid more normally for the hard and sometimes horrific work they have to do. maybe just maybe they would attract more people to go for the job. But the hours asked to work, compared to pay is wrong. To TAKE AWAY the money they have worked extra shifts for is DISGUSTING. they are putting themselves out there, for the Job, Protect them and support them, not Punish them.

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