Dr Dressed As ‘The Joker’ At Halloween Party Ends Up Delivering Baby

Just imagine the scene; you are a doctor who dresses up as ‘The Joker’ for a Halloween party that is being thrown by your colleagues.

However, during the party which is being held on the grounds of a hospital, one of your patients ends up going into labour.

So you rush to the delivery suite to render your services, and before you know it, you are thrown in at the deep end (so to speak) without even having a chance to take your costume/make-up off.

Image credit: Justin Selph

And the delivery suite is lit in such a way, that you actually end up looking like you are on the set of a Batman film!

Well, that is precisely what happened yesterday (we haven’t yet been able to clarify where exactly it happened).

In a post shared on social media, ‘Father Nathan Monk’ said:

Image credit: Justin Selph

“Y’all! This doctor was at a Halloween party, and one of his patients went into labor! This is fantastic!”

Imagine being able to tell your friends that you were bought into this world by ‘the joker!’

People might not believe you, but luckily there will be the photos to prove it!

Image credit: Justin Selph

Its the last image (above) that really sums the moment up! Surely this has to be one of the most bizarre deliveries, ever!?

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