Why Are People Taking Pics Of Emergency Vehicles And Pretending That The Crews Are Just Going To The Shops?

Why Are People Taking Pics Of Emergency Vehicles And Pretending That The Crews Are Just Going To The Shops?

There seems to be a bizarre trend in play at the moment, which involves certain people (with too much time on their hands) taking pictures of emergency vehicles which are on emergency calls and then sending the images into ‘spotted’ groups.

The pic in this article is a prime example of what we are talking about.

The Ambulance crew in the pic had been called to a life-or-death situation and so the ambulance crew – quite rightly – parked their vehicle anywhere they could.

If you needed similar help, then you would obviously expect the emergency services to park their vehicle as close to you as possible.

You would not expect the emergency services to have to worry about where they are going to park, just in case some buffoon decided to take a pic of them and upload the pic to a ‘spotted’ group.

During my own time responding to 999 calls, I can confirm that I did not give two f’s where I parked when somebody needed help.

But it would appear that the individual who took this pic, uploaded it and made out that the crew had parked where they had because they wanted to get a frigging sandwich.

And the worse thing is, that people actually believe this nonsense.

Of course, emergency vehicles should be able to park as near to a shop as they can if, in the rare event of them having enough time, they decide to pick up some refreshments.

Because you would not expect the emergency services to lose vital seconds getting to you because they were forced to park their vehicle 5 minutes away from their nearest shop.

We decided to blank out the name of the ‘spotted’ group as they deleted the post in question.

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  • I was at a cardiac arrest and was asked to go move our ambulance because a bus wanted past ,WTF

  • Because they are Sad Bastards with no purpose in life , who crave attention. From a Long retired Traffic cop

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