Were YOU The Police Officer Who Went ‘Above And Beyond?’

Here at emergency services humour, we are always on the look-out for positive stories which involve members of the emergency services. 

Of course, there are plenty of negative stories which get passed around in some sections of the mainstream media. 

But if you want the positive stories, then we will ALWAYS hunt them down and share them. 

And this is no exception. 

Our followers always tend to give us a heads-up when they spot something on social media that highlights the fantastic work of the emergency services and NHS. 

This morning we had a message from one such follower that said: 

‘Not humour, but can we find this legend of an officer?’

Of course, we were more than happy to oblige. 

A post shared on the ‘PC Andrew Harper – Ride of Respect’ Facebook group said:

‘I would like to express my HUGE thanks to Motorcycle Officer Grant Kennedy in Newham last night. 

‘My son Chaz was knocked off his bike on the A13 in London traffic last night. 

‘I was 90 mins away & while my boy was taken off in an ambulance, this officer sent me a WhatsApp of Google Maps to show me where he was, and he moved the bike to a safe place off the main road. 

‘But above and beyond he waited for my other son to get there & even helped him put the bike on the trailer too!! 

‘My boy got away with a sprained wrist & a few bruises but is ok. 

‘Officer Kennedy, my son and I am so grateful & salute you! 

‘Bless you, Sir! Our Police Officers are all amazing!!’ 

The message that was sent into us by a follower

I am fairly confident that our followers will know PC Kennedy and will share this message of thanks with him. 

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