Staff Notice Telling Ambulance Crews NOT To Have Hot Drinks In Cabs Is Quickly Removed

While checking out the messages from our fans which have been sent into us over the weekend, one message, in particular, stood out. 

Our eyes are always drawn to the messages which are sent into us that include videos or pictures which have been filmed/taken by our followers. 

An oppo had taken a picture of a staff notice that had been put up, asking ambulance crews to refrain from having hot drinks in the front of their vehicles. 

As we all know (unless you work in an office), it is starting to get pretty cold out there now, and unless you are fortunate enough to be allowed to wear an electric blanket to work, then you are going to feel that cold. 

So for everyone else who isn’t allowed to take an electric blanket into work, having a hot drink is a vital way of warming the body up to a sufficient temperature that will enable you to carry on with your life-saving work. 

But the note that was pinned up for staff said:

‘Significant damage has been caused to vehicles by drinking hot drinks in ambulance cabs. 

‘Recently, coffee has been thrown over the electrics behind the driver’s seat, causing extensive damage and an extremely large bill. 

‘Please ensure that we have no hot drinks in the front of our ambulances. 

‘This avoids unnecessary VOR’s and assists with our fleet numbers. 

‘Thank you for all your co-operation’. 

There’s no mention of cold drinks in the cab which is a bit bizarre. 

I also doubt very much that the coffee was ‘thrown’ over the electrics because obviously no-one in their right mind would ever think of wasting coffee. 

I reckon that instead, coffee was spilt over the electrics while the crew were en-route to another emergency maybe? 

We all know that breaks are so rare nowadays that if the ‘operator’ (not too sure what the ambulance lingo is for whoever isn’t driving’) manages to grab a few minutes between calls, then they are going to try and have a shot of caffeine to keep them going. 

I recall seeing colleagues (who weren’t driving) having to eat their Chinese takeaway in the car between calls as that was the only chance they had of eating.

This is why the inside of most police cars look like there has been an epic food fight in them. 

But our ‘informant’ told us that the staff notice was quickly taken down. 

Our informant said:

‘ever before has a staff notice been rescinded so quickly.’

Great to see that some common sense came into play. 

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