Informant Calls Police To Get Homeless Man Removed But Gets A Lesson In Compassion Instead

Nobody should judge someone just because they are homeless. 

There’s a variety of complicated reasons which could lead to somebody living on the streets. 

I lost count of the times I spoke to homeless people during my time on a response team in east London. 

Many of them never thought that they would end up having to try and survive by asking generous people for handouts. 

And unfortunately, too many people want to rid the streets of the homeless not because they want to help them, but because they just do not like the sight of them.

One response team sergeant shared a call that he/she had been made aware of. 

In a tweet, @ResponsePS said:

‘Call to police… “There is a homeless man sleeping in front of our block of flats, can you come & move him?” 

‘Controller… “Call him back & tell him no. Being homeless isn’t a crime. He should maybe take him a hot drink, the poor guy is homeless & it’s cold outside.”

 A great response to a sad situation. 

However, as you would expect with social media, not everybody was happy with this response: 

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