‘A Paramedic With PTSD Fell Into A Hole And Couldn’t Get Out’ | Anon

There has been a lot of talk over the last few days regarding ‘the job’ and mental health. 

Of all of the different content which has been sent into us regarding the subject, this stood out to us.

We do not know who the author is, or when it was written, but the message contained within this short piece says a lot. 

‘A Paramedic with PTSD fell into a hole and couldn’t get out. 

‘When a senior medic walked by, the paramedic called out for help, but the senior medic yelled back, “Suck it up son, dig deep and drive on,” then threw him a shovel. 

‘The paramedic did as he was told and dug that hole deeper.

‘A Supervisor went by, and the paramedic called out for help again. 

‘The Supervisor told him “use the tools your supervisor has given you”, then threw him a bucket. 

‘The paramedic used the tools, and he dug the hole deeper still and filled the bucket.

‘A psychiatrist walked by. The paramedic called “Help! I can’t get out!” so the psychiatrist gave him some drugs and said, “Take this. It will relieve the pain, and you will forget about the hole.” The paramedic said “thanks” and followed his advice, but when the pills ran out, he was still in the hole.

‘A well-known psychologist rode by and heard the paramedic’s cries for help. He stopped and asked, “How did you get there? Were you born there? Did your parents put you there? Tell me about yourself; it will alleviate your sense of loneliness.” 

‘So the paramedic talked with him for an hour, then the psychologist had to leave, but he said he’d be back next week. The paramedic thanked him, but he was still in the hole.

‘Another Paramedic, just like him, happened to be passing by. 

‘The paramedic with PTSD cried out, “Hey, help me. I’m stuck in this hole!” and right away, the other Medic jumped down in there with him.

‘The paramedic with PTSD started to panic and said, “What are you doing? Now we’re both stuck down here!” But the other Medic just smiled and replied, “It’s okay, calm down brother. I’ve been here before….. I know how to get out.”

* Having a good friend that understands is all you need to start recovering… you’re never alone even though it might seem that way at times. *

Please reach out to someone if you are struggling’.

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  • My fabulous husband Del was a Police Officer for 15yrs then a Paramedic for 13yrs. He suicided in 2013 whilst suffering from PTSD, work related depression and bullying (not all lower management Paramedics are nice people). He had fuck all support from SWASFT. This is incredibly poignant x

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