How Minging Is Your Keyboard At Work?

Have you ever wondered why you tend to always get some sort of weird stomach bug or upset tummy at work? 

Well, this bacteria-infested keyboard might shine some light on the mystery. 

You may have colleagues at work who you have laughed at or taken the pi*s out of when you have seen them meticulously cleaning their keyboard with antibacterial wipes before getting to work. 

But the reality is, that it is probably them who will have the last laugh as they won’t end up having to sit on the toilet for hours having eaten at their work station after using a keyboard that looks like it has been collected from the rubbish dump. 

Is your work keyboard worse than this one?

Maybe the answer is always to wear some latex gloves when you are using your keyboard? 

Surely anything would be better than having to use your naked finger to touch a contaminated keyboard which probably has more bacteria on it than what you would find on the floor of some nightclub toilets? 

And if you have ever sat tapping away at your keyboard, wondering why some the of keys are sticking when you press them, then now you will probably understand why… 

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