Can We Help An Emergency Medical Technician To Get A Place On A Trip Of A Lifetime? Of Course We Can!

While checking the inbox this morning, we found the following message regarding a paramedic who has entered a competition for a Polar trip of a lifetime:

“Hi please could you post the below on your page? 

“Natalie works on ambulances and spends every day helping others. 

“She and her husband Jamie, are passionate about promoting mental health and well-being in the Emergency Services and are an inspiration. 

“Natalie deserves a place on this polar expedition, and it’s the least we can all do to get her there, to thank her for everything she has done and is doing for us all”.

Fjall Raven describe their polar expedition as:

“300km of Arctic wilderness. More than 200 highly skilled sled dogs. And a group of ordinary people just like you. This is Fjällräven Polar, a journey you’ll never forget.”

Personally, I would prefer a week in the sun, and so I admire anyone willing to put themselves forward for this! 

Each year, Fjall Raven run a competition where applicants’ pitch for a place on the expedition and whoever gets the most amount of votes, is guaranteed a place on this once-in-a-lifetime trip.

At the moment, Natalie has 1073 votes making her the 6th most popular contestant in the UK. 

However, to get to the top spot Natalie needs around 4,000 additional votes.

Her Husband, Jamie, climbed Mount Everest earlier on this year to raise money for Minds’ #OutBlueLight Charity.

On his Facebook page (@MindEverestExpedition) Jamie said:

“The competition is really hotting up for the Fjallraven Polar Expedition for Natalie.

“With a voting window of just three weeks, Natalie has gone from 125th place to 6th place in just a few days!!!

“But, we have a lot more votes still to get (4000+) and only two weeks to do it in to snag that top spot. I think you awesome guys have the ability to put her in the top spot if we came together for this…

“Everyone here helped get me to Everest and has helped hugely towards mental health awareness.

“Now we have a real chance to get Natalie to the starting line of this incredible expedition in Norway!!!

“As a Frontline Ambulance Medic she too has experienced the emotion and trauma as much as anyone else in this line of work…

“If you can help us, it’s simple and takes 5 seconds to vote!!!”

Let us see if we can get Natalie in the #1 spot

CLICK HERE to vote for Natalie 

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