Today, Another Deluded Individual Tried To Divide Us; But They Did The EXACT Opposite

It has only been a few hours since yet another incident played itself out on the streets of London. 

The Met has now confirmed that they are treating the incident as terror-related and that the suspect had an IED (believed to be fake) strapped to his body.

We have seen most of the footage and pictures from the scene. 

And what has stood out to our team of former emergency services personnel, is the bravery that was shown by the outstanding members of the public who appeared to pin the suspect down until the police arrived on the scene. 

At one point, one male even took hold of a knife and carried it away from the scene! 

Thank God he didn’t run away from the scene carrying it above his head! 

From what we have seen, I am sure that those brave members of the public undoubtedly saved lives. 

The response of our armed oppos was, in our opinion, outstanding. 

The public has had enough of these attention-seeking cowards trying to cause havoc on our streets. 

That was shown this afternoon by the amazing feats of bravery which we have all seen. 

The public has had enough of warped and twisted individuals targeting innocent members of the public who are just trying to go about their daily business. 

Members of the public who are just trying to provide for their families. 

Our thoughts go out to the innocent people who have been affected by this mindless and barbaric act. 

God bless those brave members of the public and the emergency services who put their own lives on the line to try and save the lives of complete strangers. 

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