Kind Members Of The Public Buy: 11 Pizzas, 24 Tins Of Sweets & 8 Bags Of Cookies For Hungry Cops

There are random acts and kindness, and then there are random acts of HUGE kindness. 

Thames Valley Police (Bracknell & Wokingham) felt the full gratitude of their local community who had started a JustGiving page to raise funds for their local community policing team. 

Local resident Katie Ruth set the JustGiving page up and said:

“I wanted to start a fund page to help pay for our local ( Loddon ) police officers to enjoy a Christmas meal without having to fork out of the little money they get for what they do! 

“I think it would be so nice as a community to thank them and I’m sure it would be really appreciated.

“No pressure, I just think it’ll be a really nice idea to support police officers that do so much for our local community”.

I know that a lot of public sector workers have to pay for themselves, but I can’t raise money for everyone and police officers in the local Loddon community are the ones I thought we could help this year…. maybe another group next year!

A post on the Thames Valley Police Bracknell & Wokingham Facebook page said:

“A massive thank you to the kind member of public who generously organised donating all this to the hard-working Officers at Loddon Valley Police Station today!”

Word around the station is that the officers who enjoyed the calorie-laden feast will now be required to attend occupational health once a fortnight for the next six months, just to keep an eye on their arteries! 

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