Christmas Cancelled After Santa Is Arrested

If you haven’t put your Christmas decorations up yet, then don’t bother. 

This exclusive photo reveals that Santa has actually been arrested. Our sources have told us that he is currently being held in a west London Police Station. 

We are not sure what he has been nicked for, but apparently, he is going to have to account for the billions of mince pies which always tend to go missing around Christmas time. 

Santa has been nicked

There has also been some ‘chatter’ via various back-channels suggesting that he has got some unpaid speeding fines which have been racked up over the years. 

Even though speeds of 587,000 mph are needed to race around the entire globe in one night, Santa does not have any exemptions when it comes to the posted speed limit. 

We have also heard that his sleigh has been PG9’d as it does not have any working lights or indicators. 

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