Paramedics Find A Live Chicken In The Boot Of Crashed Vehicle

I remember finding all sorts of weird things in vehicles which had been involved in accidents during my time on a response team in the Met Police. 

But I don’t ever remember finding live animals in the boots of vehicles which had been crashed by their drunk drivers. 

But that is precisely what this paramedic and his oppos found over the weekend. 

It makes you wonder why the heck anyone would want to keep a live chicken in the boot of their car? 

Here at ESH, we have been pondering this troubling question ever since we found the image in our inbox. 

The chicken was last seen being transported towards a local branch of KFC

Unfortunately, our opinion of humanity has been skewed somewhat by what we have seen during our own time in the emergency services. 

This has meant that explanations such as ‘the driver was going to s*ag it’ have come to mind. 

Maybe the driver was having a ‘date night’ with the chicken but wanted to smuggle it back home without his Mrs (or Mr) knowing about it? 

Perhaps the driver was hungry and nicked it from a chicken coup somewhere? 

Or maybe the driver is/was an animal rights activist and was attempting to smuggle the chicken out from behind enemy lines? 

We remember hearing a recent similar story about a pig. 

I am sure that our followers will come up with more weird and wonderful theories. 

So please feel free to add yours in the comments below! 

And if you have any weird photos or videos from your day-to-day antics, then feel free to send them into us! 

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