New Fiat’s Giving Ambulance Crews A Headache

The following message was sent in to us after we shared a story about ambulances which have windows on the ‘inside’ but not on the outside:

“Just seen your post about the window.

“We have an issue with a new fiat.

“The new 18 plate fiat was delivered and we found problems shutting the back doors when we parked on uneven ground.

“This could not be replicated in the workshop for some strange reason so the truck went back to fiat.

“It was found that when they cut the chassis to fit the ramp on the back they didn’t put a strengthening strut on the rest of the chassis. Result vehicle body moved and wasn’t quite straight.

“So the solution to this fault was to put a sticker on the inside of the back door stating “ doors won’t shut? Please park on level ground” problem solved”.

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