The Reason Why Helicopter Rescue Pilots Are So Widely Respected By The Emergency Services

Regardless of which part of the emergency services they fly for, helicopter rescue pilots are renowned throughout the world for their fearless acts of incredible airmanship.

The video below is just one example of such airmanship.

We spotted the footage during our ‘weekly rounds’ where we attempt to try and find material which we think will either make you laugh or make you use the ‘wow’ emoji, should you decide to share our posts.

Clearly, there are no ‘laughs’ in this post, but there are plenty of ‘wows’.

In the footage, you can see two people who are trapped on top of a building that is well-and-truly on fire.

There appears to be no way down for them, as no ladders are yet on-scene.

But a helicopter pilot then comes in to save the day and positions his/her aircraft over the building just feet above the stricken pair.

As he/she hovers just feet above their heads, the aircrew then slides the door open and help the two casualties into the aircraft.

You might see the video and think ‘so what?’

And while I am no specialist when it comes to aviation (although I did serve on an aircraft carrier before joining the emergency services, if that counts?), the pilot would have been facing several risks when carrying out the daring rescue.

Firstly, the building could explode or could suddenly unleash a considerable fireball which would undoubtedly down the aircraft (gas canisters exploding is one example).

Secondly, the aircraft could become destabilised from the heat which is being generated by the fire, causing it to crash to the ground.

Thirdly, the air intakes on the helicopter’s engine could ingest some debris from the fire, causing the engine of the aircraft to stall meaning that the aircraft would come plummeting to the ground

And let’s not forget, that the smoke from the fire could get sucked into the engine, again, causing it to stall and fall from the sky.

You get a general idea.

So even if you did watch the video below and think ‘so what’, knowing how much danger the aircrew was in during the rescue, then perhaps now you can appreciate the bravery shown here by the pilot and his/her crew.

The entire crew would have first had to collectively agree to fly into the danger zone before the pilot positioned the aircraft above the two stricken casualties.

We aren’t sure where in the world this fantastic rescue took place, but we are reasonably confident that our readers and followers will be able to shine some light on where/when etc.

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