Patient Didn’t Open The Door To Ambulance Crew Because She Was Masturbating

When you are in a situation where you need to call for an ambulance, then you might have thought that the last thing on your mind would be the fine art of ‘self-pleasure’.

But in this case at least, clearly not.

A lady had called for an emergency ambulance because she had fallen over at home. Because of this fall, she hurt her back, wrist and arm.

But after calling for an ambulance, the lady decided to, well, ‘sort her self out’ while the ambulance was en-route.

When the crew arrived at the address, they knocked on the door but got no reply, so they left.

It turns out that while knocking at the door, the patient was ‘busy’ with ‘other’ things.

After the lady had finished her ‘work’, she phoned the emergency services once more and apologised for not answering the door on the previous visit and explained the reason for this.

At least this time, on the second call, she promised to answer the door to the crew.

This is the sort of thing that you really could not make up, but does happen. Maybe it was the thought of the medics turning up in their uniforms which meant that she just had to relieve herself; which is completely understandable.

The world of the emergency services really is full of expected surprises.

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