WATCH: New York Fire Department EMT With The ‘Frank Sinatra Pipes’

A video has popped up on social media of a New York Fire Department EMT signing a Frank Sinatra track with such harmony and grace that you might be forgiven for thinking that he is miming! But he isn’t!

In the video below, the NYFD EMT sorts out some radios while wooing his colleagues with his velvet-like voice, much to the delight of his comrades.

As the highly infectious singing bombards the eardrums of his colleagues, more and more of them gather to listen to the song that is being sung so well.

Could America’s Got Talent beckon? I would vote for him (not that I can from England).

At the time of sharing this video, it had been seen 5974 times.

But give it a few hours and I reckon this figure will be up to around 200,000.

Who knows; the video might even start a global competition amongst emergency services personnel to see who has got the best voice…


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