Protestors In Hong Kong ‘Part Like The Red Sea’ To Let Emergency Ambulance Through

How many times have you seen a video on social media where protestors are filmed as they block an emergency vehicle, rather than letting one through?

We’ve lost count of just how many of these videos we have seen where protestors believe that their ‘right’ to stop the emergency services on the road is more important than someone’s life.

But our faith in humanity (concerning these situations) was restored after we saw the video below.

In it, protestors in Hong Kong, without any hesitation, opened up ‘like the Red Sea’ so that an emergency ambulance could make its way to wherever it was going, without having to crawl at a snail’s pace through the vast crowd.

Not one protestor, out of the tens of thousands gathered, decided to impede the progress of this ambulance.

So if you ever find yourself in London, or anywhere else in the country, taking part in a protest and an emergency vehicles needs to get by, then do what these thousands of decent folk did and let the emergency vehicle pass.

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