Judge Sends Drink Drivers Mum To Jail For Laughing At Victims Family In Court

Imagine how idiotic you must be, to think that it is ‘funny’ that your drink-driving son finds himself in court after taking the life of another motorist because he got behind the wheel of his car having had too much to drink.

To openly laugh, as the victims family gives their account of the effect that the tragic incident has had on them, in my view, make you an abomination.

And thankfully, the presiding Judge seemed to agree that the mother of accused should not go unpunished for her callous act of disrespect and contempt.

So much so, that she sent the mother to jail in an instant act of karma that has resonated with decent minded people around the world.

In the video below, it would seem that the mother who laughed just thought that she was being ejected from the court. Oh, how wrong she was.

But the Judge had decided that she should also spend some time behind bars and promptly sent her straight to the cells.

It is probably the last thing that the mother expected, as she chuckled away while the victims family spoke in the court.

It was pretty satisfying to watch the mother’s face as she realised that she would be spending the next 3-months behind bars.

To laugh at the family of someone who your own flesh and blood has killed is disgraceful.

And it has happened in the Courtrooms of this country too.

But I am going to bet money that those who have laughed in the faces of victims in UK courts, have not had the same instant justice as was dealt out in this courtroom.


  • Mike Harrison

    Thats because unlike our courts American judges have a lot of leeway over what happens in their court. Should be the same over here, three months just because you are a scroat.

  • George Palmer

    Top Judge. Respect.

  • Send all our judges & magistrates to this lady’s court so they can learn a few things

  • That woman deserved “sorting out”. I hope the other prisoners dealt with her. Vicious bitch.

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