Armoured Car Spills Money Onto The Motorway – Police Ask Motorists To Return The Cash – And They Do!

For many people, its the stuff of dreams; you are driving along the motorway (or freeway), and an armoured car in front of you starts to haemorrhage cash out of a door that had been left open.

The $50 and $100 bills pour out of the armoured truck and onto the road. You see thousands of dollars fly off with the wind…

So, you pull over, fill your pockets, boots and every orifice up with the ‘lost’ cash and then make your way to the nearest Wendy Burger outlet.

However, the police arrive on the scene, collect the leftover cash and then publish a post on their social media page insisting that the motorists who had helped themselves hand back the money.

And, to everyone’s surprise, it works! People start to had back the cash!

A post shared on the Dunwoody Police Department Facebook page said:

‘Heads up Dunwoody, it’s cloudy with a chance of cash…

Last night around 8:00 PM, Dunwoody officers responded to the area of I-285 west and Ashford Dunwoody Road regarding money flying all over the road. The 911 callers said that 15+ vehicles had stopped and people were frantically taking the money.

‘When our officers arrived, they located an armoured car on the right shoulder.

‘The armoured car crew said the side door came open while they were driving and money spilled out onto 285.

‘Officers and the truck crew gathered a few hundred dollars that was still there when officers arrived, but plenty was taken by passerby’s sticky fingers. The exact amount is currently unknown.

‘While we certainly understand the temptation, it’s still theft, and the money should be returned. We are thankful there were no crashes or pedestrians struck as a result of this isolated cash storm.

‘Have a great Wednesday! (RP) ‘

Now, you would think that the majority of people wouldn’t bother handing the cashback in, right? Wrong!

Another post on the same Facebook page confirmed:

‘So, believe it or not, some people have been returning the money that fell from the armoured car on I-285. We understand it was a bizarre occurrence, but do the right thing and return the money. (RP) ‘

You are probably as surprised as we are that people actually started to hand the cash back in.

The question is, would you?

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